Dwayne Johnson Drops Krampus Tease With Red One Action Scene BTS Image

“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson shares a photo from his new action movie Red One

Popular actor Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” shared a picture taken during the shooting of his action movie Red movie

Dwayne Johnson shared a picture from the shoot of his ongoing Radon movie and teases the villain

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The Rock is spearheading the shoot of Johnson’s upcoming action movie Red One with Cris Evans

Dwayne Johnson’s action movie Redone started shooting in the fall, and The Rock has shared many pictures from the movie that are part of the shoot.

Dwayne Johnson has shared many photos from the shoot of Red On Action movie on his Instagram and also with other stars

Dwayne Johnson Red One

“Dwayne Johnson took the picture from a night shoot and said something to the movie’s villain at the shoot.

And he said to the villain “Sometimes you run towards the fire and sometimes you run…. into Krampus.”

Evans started shooting the action movie Red One in October and shared the first picture since then followed by Dwayne Johnson.

The Rock has revealed that he played a character called Callum Drift Drift

Drawing Johnson’s Callum Drift character still has a lot of mystery that hasn’t been revealed that the audience will see in the movie

Dwayne Johnson indicates he will be moving to campus next holiday season

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