Gisele Bundchen white gown at her annual Alliance Gala

7 months after Gisele Bundchen’s breakup with Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen auctions one of her old Stella McCartney gown.

The 42-year-old actress Gisele Bundchen was spotted spending time in Miami last Saturday. She was spotted in a white gown at the Brazil Foundation‘s annual Alliance event.

The actress is said to be doing her part to raise funds through the Brazil Foundation to increase Brazil’s forestry. In addition to this, he also auctioned off the beautiful white ground he found and auctioned it for $48,000, which would further accelerate the Brazilian sister.

Her Instagram post revealed that he spent a lot of time with singer Shakira last week. And her post also reveals that he wants to improve the world’s natural environment while accelerating the prosperity of Brazil’s forestry and offers a thoughtful message to his fans.

Gisele Bundchen’s white gown at her annual Luz Alliance Gala

Actress Gisele Bundchen said that in this big world, I am a person who needs to do or contribute a lot to the world. He added: “I realized early on that if Brazil’s forestry was going to do anything for the world, I needed to join or join an organization.”

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She said everything is possible to do something for the world, to enrich Brazil’s forestry, or to join organizations to collaborate.

She expressed his gratitude and said that from the bottom of my heart, I thank those who attended the Luz Alliance Gala yesterday and helped Prakriti with their support.

The actress further expressed her gratitude saying that together we were able to raise funds that will help the people and forestry projects in Brazil. And he expressed his gratitude by mentioning special contributors in his Instagram post

Along with her white gown for the event, she accessorized with diamond earrings and green heels to present an elegant look. As seen here her hair was left above her shoulders which made her more attractive.

Many people, including actress Gisele Bundchen, have been able to raise about a million dollars through this event for this Brazilian forest. On the other hand, Gisele Bundchen believes that after her breakup with Tom Brady, she is reinventing herself which will bring a new twist to her life.

She was married to NFL star Tom Brady from 2009 to 2022 years. And they split their two children between them during their separation.

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