Tom Hanks’s wife Rita Wilson Cannes told what happened on the red carpet

Tom Hanks’s wife Rita Wilson reveals what happened on the red carpet at Cannes that led to her scolding. Rita Wilson and her husband Tom Hanks told what happened last Tuesday night when the peer manager was scolded.

Tom and his wife Rita Wilson looked annoyed during the festival as a man pointed a finger at her and said something. The film stars Tom’s ironist Rita Wilson and is produced by himself.

What really happened to Rita is on the record though, and Rita Wilson made it clear hours later in an Instagram rant.

Rita Wilson shared a photo saying hi I can’t hear you. People are shouting. What do you mean? Where are we supposed to go? Rita Ulsan also said that we once had a good time.

Tom Hanks’s wife Rita Wilson Cannes

On the other hand, Vincent clarified the whole matter in his Twitter post. One person questioned Rita Wilson and her husband’s security concerns?

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Vincent himself replied that they only asked me if the rest of their film crew would return to the mat. And it was Vincent’s question that made the Hollywood buzz online.

But eventually it turns out that Rita Wilson and Vincent are nothing more than a misunderstanding. Lauren said she was asking which way I would go?

You won’t believe what you’re seeing in these pictures, Tyler confirmed to the culprit. Tom looked a lot smarter on the jetty for the evening premiere in a familiar black and white machine shirt.

His wife Wilson, on the other hand, looked much more elegant in a black dress that blended into the ground. And her stunning dress was embellished with silver that sparkled on the red carpet and looked stunning.

Crom and wife Rita Wilson were quite funny as they posed for a photo before heading out to see the film.

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