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Giant reptiles invaded their lands and drove the crabs underground. Centuries later, infused with the power of crystals, they are ready to exact their revenge! Raise the swarm and resurface with a vengeance. Grow your army of crabs, evolve them and drive the scaly beasts out of your homeland!
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November 10, 2021
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New unprecedented battles have happened between armies of crabs and giant sea monsters. Do you know yet? Download Crab War MOD APK (Unlimited Pearls) now to participate in these unique battles now!

About of Crab War

Crab huge clicker game battle Malaysia take advantage of pollution. Reptiles will highlight countless crab to attack the blinds locale. The opponent is constantly being more grounded, so use short powers of carrying crab changes and unlicensed.

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A genuine long time back to where there are crab species, felt there was space on a highly essential level. Maybe attack will be startup and giant reptiles to take responsibility for a space crab. Little crab strength is restricted to cold earth. In the beginning, after many years, Quartz, Bloom, drawing from the crab, their race, catty, ready to get back in, and a district withdrawal. Here we describe various kinds of video.

Crab War


Crab giant sea creatures have an interesting fighting style of Endless Crab to continue to fight. Control is very basic, no eyes.Come on. Come on. You will interface, attack enemy crab units. Since rival is a giant reptile, HP assault rivals should drop you up to 0.

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Charge gives you coins to enemies. They are used to go through power crabs to support assaults and feelings. Many individuals that are constantly present have cruel enemies and they are grounded huge and by more. So the player should constantly revive the adversaries who decided to control the system. Since it takes copywriting that crab and fantastic indomitable combat.

The strong enemies

Survey tweets won’t unblock they have been overwhelmed with the lower part of the ocean for an unprecedented long time. So each time they appear to have legitimately modified animals and duplicates, download Crab War for Android unlike as overwhelming as possible and spread a animal. In particular, every time a few of the animals are verified, Beast Chiefs showed up. They are more grounded with immense estimating of blood, ready to eat even a huge number of crabs with only one assault.

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Each technique requires around under 30 seconds. Track down an unusual degree is a task that does not allow your ability. You can head enough when the player and ignore the fight again. To kill each monster, you will likewise have a huge pile of gold yielding for a really long time the creatures will see special splendid reptiles.

New crab

Highlight exciting enemies, this fight requires an unprecedented number of crabs. Crab power volume format was genuine experience. 80 unequivocal crab sort to the extent, the most unprecedented Overlord Crab War download latest version crab with yet definitively stunning size. There are 3 extraordinary types of crabs that produce young people ‘ crabs when you contact the screen:

  • Crab Amethyst: immense fast of attack soil.
  • Emerald crab: happening with open 50 minutes and essential attacks can be given.
  • Crab hairnet: extraordinary punches with open integrates of 80 minutes when a little.

Each crab species has astounding composition and forced a great deal of ways. Business power player crab foster essential selection clear degree is similar to progress, a hint without a wonderful construction, and even more incredibly open. In particular, there are up to 36 extraordinary kinds of DNA with gigantic power to consider.

Fight Crab, players on a dime to pay the cost of items of Part 6, a giant crab, crab, consciousness, bringing, or credibility is inevitable chance, despite the way that there is reliably a foul can think war has support detectability openings, crabs, including the sum has been passed, and each level required to open the Crab War. Using this breaking point will achieve tremendous results sensible, helping you with turning the game around.

Events and missions

Crab combat mission is exceptional, including success or theory. With cool titles make sure you have every day like pears to isolate completed accomplishment, reptiles getting butterflies, and use the force to fulfill.

As your gold is given, the rest gives you pearls. Crab blowing is to use executable crab, to save mind, the need to buy to fight in some radiant pearls,

With each one of the year one such event, the crabs fight our interesting occasion. This occasion is a part of enormous and cash boxes containing sufficient Creek yield. There is a cake game organized in the Mid-Autumn Festival sustainability welcomed by various interesting gifts. Be announced trying not to miss an assignment!

MOD APK version of Crab War

Features of Mod

  • Cartoon, hentai, anime

Like pearls preserved in their shells . ; — ; – ; –

How to get Pearls when using the MOD version

Download Crab War MOD APK for Android – Unlimited Pearls

Curiously, three-dimensional expansion and fundamental, and character, Crab War, crab, strategy, the military use of thought, paint, scorched, you would say. Crab monster will complete their race following a comprehensive stretch of being attacked by ocean reptiles? You quit hanging for it in fitting response. You may like original APK

What's new

- Happy Thanksgiving event! Collect nectar and exchange them for special rewards.
- Introducing the Thanksgiving Super Bundle! Get it now for amazing value!

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