Joaquin Phoenix release the first look of the Joker 2 Movie

Joker 2 First Look Image Leaks Joaquin Phoenix In Arkham Asylum

Joker movie director Tod Phillips announced that the first image of the Joker 2 movie has been released.

The principal photography of Joker 2 movie has started, said Tod Phillips about actor Joaquin Phoenix

The Jokerverse is moving forward as Warner Bros. Discovery works on sequels to Academy Award-winning DC films

The first Joker movie is set in a continuum i.e. he is a normal character in the beginning but plays a villainous role in the end.

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Joker movie director Phillips announced on his Instagram that the principal photography of Joker 2 movie has started

The Joker 2 movie is currently in production in Los Angeles and is expected to hit screens in early 2023.

Most of the details about the Joker 2 movie have been kept under wraps but only the Joker and what to expect have been revealed

But Joker 2 movie will have a different level of music this time than before.

And this movie will be seen as a DC movie concept for the first time

Zazie Beetz, who acted in the first Joker movie is also going to act in Joker 2 movie

Harry Lawtey has done a mysterious part in this movie which will be a special part of the main part of this movie

However, even though the budget of Warner Bros. Discovery was cut, the budget of Joker 2 movie will be double

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