Kim Kardashian in blue color dress at the annual Parsons Benefit event at NYC

Kim Kardashian poses attractively in one of her Cobalt blue dresses at the 74th annual event in New York City. Kim Kardashian rocked a navy blue and matching ensemble at New University’s Cipriani Wall Street restaurant’s 74th annual Parsons Benefit event last Wednesday.

The 42-year-old star wowed the audience here as she sported a silver color chain around her waist and a pair of open-toed Israfil reads.

At this event, Kim Kardashian‘s makeup and her stunning fashion impressed everyone. Kim Kardashian is a person who is awarded and announced as a fashion icon in the annual report in 2021. She has managed to establish herself as a famous star despite being a mother of four children.

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Many are aware that every year Person Benefit celebrates how fashion design and people with different skills are showcased here.

The show’s 2023 honorees include many supermodels. The event saw Kim Kardashian spending time with many others and they were also known for their interesting outfits.

Later seen posing in a photo with Rousteing who was a creative director in 2011. In one photo, the two are seen kissing a photographer and the director hugging Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian in blue color dress

The star also revealed that she is facing many challenges as a recent mother which has sparked outrage among fans. Kim Kardashian has four men to take care of her four children and raise them to be full human beings.

However, one person commented on this matter to tell her children not to behave like the middle class. On the other hand, a person exclaims that they never acknowledge their help, that they don’t have housekeepers, personal trainers, and plastic surgeons.

Kim Kardashian in blue color dress
Kim Kardashian in a blue color dress. Photo credit: Gatty Image

Another person laughs and says their lives are so dramatic and fake that they have no one to help them, can they really do it all alone?

Many comments that Kim appreciates but doesn’t acknowledge that he got help with the job. On the other hand, one person wrote that I just wish the staff would hunt down and detail all the support activities for those looking after the children.

In contrast to these comments, a woman wrote, “I am a mother of four, a mother who knows how much responsibility she has towards her children. Unless you have multiple children, you don’t realize it.”

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